Saturday, July 9, 2011



I also somehow manged to pass all of my regents, so no summer school is needed.

Also, I got this thing a couple days ago:

Dear lord is this thing addictive.

I just got the Y audio cables for it, meaning I can record it's audio onto my computer.

Methinks I'll put videos up if I actually make good enough songs.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello again! Today I'm skipping a magic related post, and talking about a little of my school life. I'm a Sophomore in high school right now, but I am soon to become a Junior. School ends in a couple weeks, and that means final exams and "Regents" for me.

Since regents cause me undeniable pain, I'll talk about some of my classes. I take sign language as, well... a language. I was sick of taking Spanish every year, and thought this would be a fun change. It's okay, except for the fact that I drowned in work from the class.

I of course have to take the usual classes like Math, Histroy, English, Sciences, and Gym. Besides those, I also take Guitar. I have an acoustic Ibanez, and just recently I got a Fender Starcaster (My god I love it). I also take art, but I'm unfortunately stuck with Freshmen due to my schedule. I actually love art alot, its one of my favorite classes. (If you would like to see any of my drawings, you can see my deviantart here: )

Thats pretty much it, I'll update more on my school life later. Thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi guys, sorry for not posting a whole lot... School kinda took over every aspect of my life for a couple weeks and I couldn't really find time to post.

While today's post isn't a review, it is still magic related. I was browsing YouTube and came across this video:

It's a closeup performance of the famous Chinese Linking Rings routine. It's probably one of the best performances I've seen for this trick in awhile. The performer, (Joshua Messado) does it perfectly, along with a good amount of audience participation.

Thats it for this post, just wanted to share the video with you guys.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Magic websites you should probably check out

Hey guys, here are some of my favorite Magic websites/stores.

Since I always post links to this website, first on my list is:

Other great websites: (This is also an actual store in NYC, I've been to it) (This is also another store in NYC that I've been to)

Another decent site that I'd like to point out is
(They have some of the best Bicycle decks around)


I have no followers ;_;

(But I have over 101 pageviews c:)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Murphy's Magic: Slush Powder and Royal Magic's: Slush! Booklet

A review of two things at once?!? WHAT

So today's review will be about one of the most famous Magic Gimmicks around, Slush powder. I will also be talking about the Booklet: Slush! Which is full of slush powder related tricks.

First off, I'll talk about the actual slush Powder itself. Slush powder is actually a type of crystal called "Polysorb". (It's commonly found in diapers). When liquid is added to the crystals, it absorbs it and causes the water to "Disappear".

The stuff works great, and can look pretty convincing in a Mirror Glass gimmick. (

Overall, Slush powder gets a 5 out of 5. It's just too perfect!

Now, onto the Slush! book.

This book contains a good amount of useful tips on how to perform different Slush Powder Magic tricks. Theres not alot to say about it, except that it's a cheap paper booklet. It's literally just pieces of paper stapled together. It is incredibly cheap though. (I got it for $3.00) If you love slush powder magic tricks, you should definitely check this book out. 

Overall, a 4.5 out of 5.

Whether your'e a Beginner or a Master, Slush Powder is something you should always have in your collection.